Frequently Asked Questions

What does's pricing structure look like? provides three pricing tiers: a Month-to-Month plan at $397, a Quarterly plan at $997 offering a 15% savings, and an Annual plan at $3499, providing a 25% savings.

How does the free trial work?

Our free trial offers you a risk-free opportunity to experience's services. After the trial, your preferred plan will automatically start, and charges will be applied accordingly.

Does require long-term contracts?

RawScale.ioโ€™s plans are flexible, with short-term and long-term options to best accommodate your businessโ€™s needs.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

Changing your plan is as simple as contacting our customer service team, who will guide you through the process.

Are there any additional costs beyond the quoted price?

The quoted price includes all services within your chosen package. Any services outside your package will be discussed separately.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Payments are automated for convenience and are processed after your trial period ends.

How does billing work with

Clients are automatically billed via credit card after their trial period ends. The billing cycle aligns with your chosen plan.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If our services donโ€™t meet your expectations, please reach out to our customer support team. Refund policies vary based on your contract terms.

What is included in the service? services encompass lead generation, nurturing, and conversion to customers. All the associated tasks, like Facebook ad creation and management, are included.

Do I need to have a Facebook page and ad account?

Yes, a Facebook page and ad account are required as leverages Facebookโ€™s advertising platform to generate and nurture leads.

Does service include third-party costs like Facebook Ads?

Third-party costs, like Facebook Ads, are separate from RawScale.ioโ€™s service fees. Weโ€™ll ensure you understand these costs during our initial discussions.

How does generate leads? uses a sophisticated AI system to generate quality leads by leveraging successful Facebook campaigns.

How does ensure the leads are of high quality?

Our AI system identifies and nurtures leads, ensuring they are genuinely interested in your services before converting them into customers.

Does only work with specific types of clinics? is versatile and can effectively cater to different types of businesses, including those offering those offering services such as agencies, real estate, mortgage, solar, roofing & other home services

Can help reactivate old leads and customers?

Yes, RawScale.ioโ€™s system is designed to not only bring in new deals but also to reactivate old leads, improving your businessโ€™s overall sales engagement.

What is required from my business to get started with

Getting started with is straightforward. All you need is a Facebook page, ad account, and a willingness to grow your customer base.

Is compliant with advertising rules and regulations?

Yes, is fully compliant with all advertising rules and regulations, including those from Facebook. We ensure all our ads are effective and legally sound.

What if I have more questions?

Our customer support team is always ready to answer your questions. Please reach out to us at (267) 214-9370. Weโ€™re here to assist you.

Weโ€™re always happy to help.

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